Reporting Copyright Infringement

How to Report Copyright Infringement

Copyright is the lifeblood of creativity.  EpicGem respects third party intellectual property rights, just as it expects third parties to respect the rights of EpicGem and each of its users.

If you identify infringement within EpicGem of intellectual property you own, please let us know by completing and submitting the form below. 

Important Points to Note

  • Only the owner (or their authorized representative) of the intellectual property in question should report infringement using this form.
  • Not all unauthorized use of content is Copyright infringement.  Please consider if use of content you have identified is permitted, e.g., under the policy of “fair use”.  You can find general information and sources about Copyright Considerations here.
  • To properly process a reported issue, we need to collect certain information from you, including information about the content in question and a valid email address at which we can reach you.  We may share information you submit, including with (i) one or more infringement claim clearinghouses (such as Lumen) and (ii) those whom you claim are infringing your intellectual property rights (so that they have an opportunity to respond).
  • If you make a misrepresentation regarding copyright infringement, you may be liable for damages (including losses, costs and attorney fees of EpicGem, its users and others). 
Still Have Questions?
  •  Given the serious consequences involved, we recommend you consult with qualified legal counsel before making a claim of copyright infringement.

DMCA Agent

If you have trouble using the form above, you can submit the information requested above to our DMCA agent at the address below:

Attn: Legal Director
EpicGem, Inc.
30 N Gould St Suite 6224
Sheridan,  WY  82801

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