EpicGem is a hope – to make the world a bit better, to make life a bit easier, to help people reach across distance and generations to connect, bond and support each other.  We believe everyone has great stories worth telling, worth remembering, worth preserving. 

No matter your audience size; no matter how personal your message.  We believe you should be able to reach those you care about easily and economically – without sacrificing your (or your audience’s) privacy or personal data.

To that end, we provide a simple mobile app to streamline key steps for storytellers like you:

  • Create –  The EpicGem app allows you to capture and create memories page-by-page by combining your text, images and sound.
  • Share – As an author, you choose your audience; we distribute your works to them
  • Control –  Using the EpicGem app, you control what happens after you share your stories (editing, further sharing, even recalling previously shared stories).
  • Enjoy – Your audience gets to enjoy your stories at their convenience – wherever they are; whenever they want.

Create, capture and share what matters to you.

Your Voice.  Your Stories. 

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